Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

Custom Fitting


Most players don’t understand the importance of custom fitted clubs. Each golfer has personal physical characteristics and it is unlikely that standard ‘off the shelf’ clubs will suit them.

We stock a comprehensive range of the latest fitting equipment from leading manufacturers and recommend you book a fitting appointment to ensure the equipment you use is helping your game.

We will ask what you want from your golf and what sort of ball flight you are looking for – we don’t just try to sell clubs, we listen to you and then provide what will help you. We want you to understand the key areas of club fitting. By trying the various different options available you will be able you to buy with confidence.

We have found that there are many misunderstood points that relate to this important part of your equipment. We give a clear explanation to all areas of club fitting

Our fully trained Club fitting Professionals will cover the following points:

The specifications of your current clubs

Loft differences between current and older clubs

Why the lie of the club matters

What is the correct shaft for you

Why shaft length matters

Shaft kick points, weight, flex and torque

Swing weight

Grip size

Suggested set make up and ‘gapping’ between irons, hybrids and woods

We have full testing facilities that will recommend the correct personal specification for you that include Titleist, Mizuno, Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade and Yonex.

We use Flightscope, Mizuno DNA and Video where necessary to ensure the correct fit.

For more information or to book a fitting please contact our professional team:

Phone: 01304 374 170

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