Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

Dress Code

On The Course

Tailored shorts are permitted on the course provided they are worn with knee length socks. Tennis or gym shorts are not permitted.

Only collared and polo neck shirts are permitted on the course.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Tailored trousers must be worn - no denim trousers are permitted.

Golf shoes must be worn - no trainers are permitted.

In The Clubhouse

Golfers are expected to change from wet or soiled clothing. In the casual lounge, gentlemen must wear a collared, polo, or roll neck shirt, which should be tucked in at all times, except when specifically designed to be worn on the outside. 

Ladies are permitted to wear sleeveless and/or collarless tops in the style of smart daywear.

Trousers and shorts must be tailored. Denim material is not permitted. For gentlemen, shorts must be accompanied by the wearing of knee length socks.

Gentlemen should wear smart shoes. Ladies should wear smart
shoes or sandals. Trainers are not permitted.

Gentlemen are required to wear a blazer with a tie or roll neck
shirt in the Jack Aisher Room and Dining Room, after 11.00am.
Ladies should dress in smart daywear - golf attire is not permitted.

Golf shoes and waterproofs are not permitted upstairs in the
Clubhouse or the Dining Room.

The wearing of headwear is not permitted in the Clubhouse,
except for religious headwear.

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